Arslan Bakgalov has been providing professional services to his clients for many years.

Arslan Bakgalov is a legal professional who provides legal advice and defends the rights and interests of his clients in litigation and arbitration processes. If you are looking for a lawyer in Turkmenistan, contact an experienced and competent specialist.

Large and small businesses, individuals, companies, and organizations may require legal support. A lawyer will do everything possible to protect your rights and help solve any legal problems. If you want to receive high-quality legal services in Turkmenistan, contact an experienced and qualified lawyer.

Professional legal support:

  • helps the client understand the laws and rights relevant to the case or situation.
  • protects the client’s interests and represent the client in court or other legal process.
  • assists the client in drafting and signing legal documents such as contracts, agreements, or powers of attorney.
  • provides legal advice in various areas such as family law, housing law, inheritance law, arbitration, and another.

Family Law

Legal assistance in resolving family conflicts, settling a divorce, determining the children’s place of residence, alimony issues, and other related family issues. Protection of the interests of our clients in court and assistance in resolving disputes outside the court.

Inheritance Law

Professional representation of the interests of the client in terms of registration of property of deceased relatives.

Property Law

Legal settlement of conflicts related to the right of ownership or use of residential real estate. This includes houses, apartments, and rooms.


Drafting a claim to an arbitration court, consultation on the prospects for litigation, resolving disputes in an arbitration court, and protecting the rights of an organization in a pre-trial order.

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